Fiber Insulating Components

Fiber insulating components are high performance insulating components constructed of fiber composite materials for use with power and high voltage applications. National Manufacturing & Distribution manufacturers components and performs a number of services for electric utility and industrial customers. Manufacturing and distributing products relating to electrical contacts and associated components are our specialty and fiber insulating components are a popular offering.

What is a fiber insulating component?

Within the electrical industry, the most durable composite materials are produced with guided continuous fibers and a high fiber content. Fiber insulating components are developed through filament winding. When insulation materials are produced by winding filaments, they are more suitable for a wide range of electrical applications. The duality of high strength and low weight offers many advantages to engineers and allows fiber to be an efficient option in insulating components. The final electrical insulation product is a light, strong, and stiff fiber insulating component.

Glass, aramid or polyester fibers combined with filament winding followed by a vacuum injection process is the manufacturing process that we perform to ensure the highest quality product. Achieving the required results with our experience and in-depth knowledge of the production process is how National Manufacturing & Distribution earns our reputation.

Who do we serve?

Fiber & Phenolic Insulating Components

The following industries benefit from the fiber insulating components manufactured by our professional team at National Manufacturing & Distribution:

  • Utility Companies
  • Industrial and Commercial Businesses
  • Equipment Distributors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
  • Sales/Service Companies

Established in 1981, we have grown our customer base and reputation based on our ability to produce OEM parts and reverse engineer parts that are no longer available. We work hard to maintain long standing customer relationships and are looking forward to learning about your fiber insulating component needs.

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