LTC Contacts

LTCs are connection point selection mechanisms along a power transformer that permits a number of different turns to be selected in multiple steps. A transformer with a variable turns ratio is produced, enabling stepped voltage regulation of the output. Established in 1981, National Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. has developed our reputation for quality based on our ability to produce OEM parts, such as LTC contacts. We are also able to reverse engineer any LTC contacts that are no longer produced on the mass market.

Who Is Our Customer Base?

LTC Contacts

The following electrical related industries benefit from the LTC contact manufactured by our professional team at National Manufacturing & Distribution:

  • Utility Services
  • Industrial and Commercial Businesses
  • Electrical Equipment Distributors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
  • Sales/Service Companies

What Do We Offer?

For over 30 years, National Manufacturing & Distribution has been manufacturing and offering several parts and components for load tap changers. National offers individual components or maintenance kits, which include all of the typical parts and components that are maintained inside circuit tap changer equipment. Out team was the first to offer these components in the form of an easy to use kit service. Our kit has proven to be a benefit when it comes to saving utilities on labor and down time when maintaining electrical substation equipment. Because all of the parts are conveniently in one package, they can be maintained as a unit, rather than multiple units during multiple service calls.

We work hard to provide customers with the parts that they need in order to maintain long standing customer relationships. We are looking forward to learning about your LTC contact needs.

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