Maintenance Kits for Load Tap Changers & Oil Circuit Breakers

National Manufacturing & Distribution, for years, has offered its electric utility and service organizations a unique and customized collection of components packaged in kit form. This maintenance kit is shipped inside a sturdy, resilient shipping container with carrying handles. Each kit contains parts packaged and labeled, as well as a detailed inventory list including a photo of each component for easy identification.

With each individual customer’s influence, the kit is compiled to meet the customer’s particular needs. The maintenance kit generally consists of the components required to perform a scheduled maintenance of the circuit tap changer or oil circuit breaker.

The maintenance kit is first made up of the customer’s existing inventory (if available) which can be complimented with components supplied by National. After the kit is used, it is returned to National with all of the used components. National will then inspect the used parts for signs of unusual ware or damage and alert our customer of a potential issue with the unit.

The kit is inventoried and the customer is notified of the components required to re-fill the kit to its original quantity of replacement parts. Upon approval, the maintenance kit is replenished and returned to the customer ready for the next time of need.

National has supplied maintenance kits for load tap changers including but not limited to:


LTC(Load Tap Changer) Equipment Maintenance Kit List


Allis-Chalmers: TLF, TLH, TLH-21, TLS

Federal Pacific: TC-25, TC-546

General Electric: : LRT-38, LRT-48, LR-59, LR-65, LRT-68, LR-69, LRT-72, LRT-83, LRT-200,

LRT-200-2, LR-300, LR-500M3

McGraw/Pennsylvania Transformer: 396B, 550 Low Recovery, 550 High Recovery, 550B Low Recovery, 550B High Recovery, 550C, 996, V2A, MA, MB

Reinhausen: RMT-1, RMV

Westinghouse: UR, URS, URT, UTH, UT, UTT, UTT-A, UTT-B, UTS, UTS-A, UVT

Others: *Other kits are available that may not be listed above.

National has manufactured new and has also refurbished parts for oil circuit breakers including but not limited to:


OCB(Oil Circuit Breaker) Equipment Maintenance Kit List

Allis-Chalmers: BZO, SDO, OZ

General Electric: FK, FKA, FKD, FKR

Siemens/Allis: FZO

Westinghouse/ABB: 14.4G, 14.4GC, 345G, 345GS, 460GS, B-22-B, B-28-B, GM, GO-2, GO-2B,

GO-3B, GO-4B

Others: *Other kits are available that may not be listed above.


Kit Program Summary

  • Available kits are typically based on customer’s particular request
  • Generally first use is of customer’s inventory to fill the kit
  • Kits are stored at customer site for immediate use
  • Kit components are shipped in a rugged, re-usable container
  • Kit containers are permanently labeled and have a detailed inventory list/photos
  • National inspects all used components when kits are returned for replenishment

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