Oil Circuit Breaker Contacts

For over 30 years, National Manufacturing & Distribution has been an industry leader, offering electric utilities and electrical service organizations maintenance parts and components for oil circuit breakers (OCBs). With the ability to provide both individual components or complete maintenance kits, National has been a trailblazer when it comes to meeting the needs of industries requiring OCB contacts and other related components.

OCB Contacts Maintenance Kits

OCB Contacts

National Manufacturing & Distribution supplies the electrical industry with maintenance kits, which include the typical parts and components that are maintained inside the circuit tap changer and oil circuit breaker equipment. National developed the concept of the maintenance kit which saves utilities on labor and down time during electrical substation equipment maintenance.

Maintenance kits are made up of customized parts that are required by the individual customers’ needs. The kit is inventoried and the customer is notified of the necessary components required to re-fill the kit. National customers are assured that they will have the required parts immediately available, should servicing of OCB contacts become necessary.

Individual OCB Contacts Parts

National can manufacture new contacts when the component is still in production or has been discontinued by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). National manufactures new contacts and also refurbishes used electrical contact parts for load tap changers including but not limited to:

Allis-Chalmers: BZO, SDO, OZ

General Electric: FK, FKA, FKD, FKR

Siemens/Allis: FZO

Westinghouse/ABB: 14.4G, 14.4GC, 345G, 345GS, 460GS, B-22-B, B-28-B, GM, GO-2, GO-2B,

GO-3B, GO-4B

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