Phenolic Insulating Components

Phenolic insulating components offer electrical insulation and corrosion resistance. When they are molded, they are also a great way to replace several metal parts with a single plastic component, adding efficiency and durability. Used largely in automotive components, these materials have potential for many industrial drive applications. National Manufacturing and Distribution specializes in manufacturing phenolic insulating components for maintaining electrical substation equipment and components.

What is a phenolic insulating component?

Fiber & Phenolic Insulating Components

Phenolic composite materials provide excellent electrical insulation in parts such as commutators and brush holders. Phenolic insulating components can also replace metal assemblies in a variety of automotive applications. Several other applications of phenolic composite parts include transmission reactors, brake pistons, pulleys, and sprockets.
Molded phenolic insulating components offer several advantages including smooth surfaces, uniform density, low weight, and the ability to decrease vibration. These fiber-reinforced plastics are perfect for applications that require stiffness, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability at a wide range of temperature. The properties of the product can be customized to the needs of particular applications by controlling the amounts of resin, fibers, fillers, and other additives.

How can it improve electrical insulation?

When used in motors, molded phenolic material supports the commutator on the motor shaft. It holds the copper bars in place and the material provides electrical insulation between adjacent copper bars and between the bars and the shaft. Other phenolic insulating components applications include automotive starter motors and automotive auxiliary, appliance, and industrial motors.

Phenolic insulating materials also encapsulate electrical and electronic components and provide electrical insulation along with durability.

Who do we serve?

The following industries benefit from the phenolic insulating components manufactured by our professional team at National Manufacturing & Distribution:

  • Utility Companies
  • Industrial and Commercial Businesses
  • Equipment Distributors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
  • Sales/Service Companies

Established in 1981, we have expanded our customer base and reputation based on our ability to produce OEM parts and reverse engineer parts that are no longer available. We work hard to maintain long standing customer relationships and are looking forward to learning about your phenolic insulating component needs. Contact Us today to let us know how we may help your business.

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