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National Manufacturing & Distribution performs a number of services for electric utility and industrial customers relating to electrical contacts and associated components. Some of these services include refurbishing electrical contact surfaces with silver or copper alloys. This can be done in some cases versus purchasing new contacts.

New contacts can be manufactured whether the component is still in production or deemed obsolete by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Electrical contacts and components can also be provided through a network of distribution centers working with NMD to provide our customers with the most favorable option that meets their needs.

National has manufactured a wide range of parts and assemblies for over 30 years. We can assist you with all of your ancillary component requirements beyond electrical contacts. Here are some of the types of electrical contacts and components National has manufactured and supplied our customers:

  • Shunts
  • Connection braids
  • Bus Lengths & Segments
  • Spacers
  • Stand-offs
  • Baffle stacks
  • Insulating parts

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