National Manufacturing & Distribution (NMD)


National Manufacturing & Distribution (NMD) manufactures and supplies electrical contacts, electrical contact assemblies and copper bus bar to customers in North America. Since 1981, National has supplied thousands of components and assemblies without any part warranty issues or failures. Due to our high quality parts and customer service we have had the pleasure of working with customers that have been with us for over 30 years.

NMD electrical contact assemblies are widely utilized in equipment such as substation oil transformers, oil circuit breakers, and heavy industrial motor starters. With over 30 years of success in business, National has the experience and knowledge to provide reliable components for our customer’s critical requirements.

Our commitment to quality and customer service is a priority. This commitment is substantiated by our list of loyal customers who have been relying on National for decades. Our team at National Manufacturing & Distribution looks forward to helping you with your requirements. We will be there when you need us.

About National Manufacturing & Distribution (NMD)

National Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. (NMD) was established in 1981, working with electric utilities that required Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components.

National Manufacturing & Distribution NMD began specializing in reverse engineering and manufacturing components that were either no longer available from the OEM’s or had extremely long lead times.

National Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. is dedicated to our customers needs saving them time and expense with efficiency & customer assistance.


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